Meet The 20+ Greatest GeniusesThat Ever Lived! 
Fifty page Autobiography of Philip Emeagwali.Three thousand pages of Philip Emeagwali Lecture TranscriptsGentlemen’s Quarterly on Seven Living Geniuses.

TIME: The “Unsung Hero” Behind the Internet 

“The Web owes much of its existence to Philip Emeagwali” – 


“A father of the Internet” – 


“One of the great minds of the Information Age” – 

Bill Clinton

 (The White House)

Press Photo Release and Flickr Albums for Philip EmeagwaliPhilip Emeagwali For School Reports 

Philip Emeagwali: 

A Father of the Internet

Philip Emeagwali’s 


Philip Emeagwali’s 


Philip Emeagwali 


Philip Emeagwali 

FactsTen Most-Celebrated Scientists on Postage Stamps 

Ten Most-Celebrated 

Fathers of the Computer

 on Postage Stamps 
Ten Most-Celebrated 


 on Postage Stamps 
Ten Most-Celebrated 


 on Postage Stamps 
Ten Most-Celebrated 

Black Inventors

 on Postage Stamps 
Ten Most-Celebrated 

Scientists on Currencies 

Ten Most-Googled 

Fathers of the Computer


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Philip Emeagwali Rankings 
  1. Nine Refugees That Made a Difference
  2. Top Five Nigerian Role Models 
  3. The 7 Most Respected Nigerians
  4. Top 10 Igbo Legends That Have Put The Tribe Well High On The Map
  5. Twenty Most Influential Nigerians
  6. Voted the Greatest Scientist of African Descent Ever
  7. Voted the 35th Greatest Person of African Descent (pdfhtml)
  8. Top 70 Greatest Black Achievers.
  9. Eleven Wildly Successful People
  10. Top 65 African Icons That Ever Lived
  11. Famous Black People Who Changed the World 
  12. 100 Persons That Changed the World

Podcast of 100 Philip Emeagwali Lectures 

Learning Philip Emeagwali in Your School 

Aligned with United States Common Core Standards for “Stories About Scientists”


 series and 

100 video


For Kids1. Introduction 2. Childhood 3. Primary School Timeline |Photos Quotes | Facts |
For TeachersQuestion Sheets Answer Sheets Homework Philip Emeagwali Week Philip Emeagwali’s Box Lectures |

Emeagwali in American Exam Syllabi 

For his inventions and from 

elementary schools


Law School Admission

 Test (LSAT). 

Meet The 13 Greatest Geniuses Of All Time! 

Philip Emeagwali ranked as:
The Second 

Greatest Genius

 in Mathematics
The Third 

Greatest Genius

Voted “

Father of the Modern Computer

Meet the 

Top Ten 

Greatest Computer Scientists 


by Google for “contribution to the development of the computer” 
23 Geniuses With 

Photographic Memory


Greatest Mathematicians 

Since Antiquity

Philip Emeagwali Lecture Transcripts

  1. An African Mathematician and His Contributions to Mathematics
  2. My Contributions to the Modern Supercomputer
  3. My Contributions to the Parallel Processing Computers
  4. My Contributions to the Modern Supercomputer
  5. My Contributions to Large-Scale Algebra
  6. My Contributions to Large-Scale Algebra
  7. My Contributions to the Invention of the Fastest Computers
  8. My Contributions to the Modern Supercomputer
  9. How I Invented Supercomputer That is an Internet
  10. Why I Invented a New Internet
  11. How I Invented a New Internet
  12. How I Invented a New Supercomputer
  13. How I Invented a New Internet
  14. How I Solved the Toughest Problem in Physics
  15. My Contributions to Physics
  16. Philip Emeagwali Supercomputer
  17. Philip Emeagwali Internet
  18. How I Invented a New Internet
  19. Why I Invented a New Internet
  20. Father of the Internet
  21. How I Invented the Fastest Supercomputer
  22. My Mathematical Contributions to Oil Recovery
  23. My Contributions to Large-Scale Algebra
  24. Father of the Internet
  25. My Contributions to the Modern Supercomputer
  26. My Contributions to the Modern Supercomputer
  27. A Black Mathematician Solves the Toughest Problem in Calculus
  28. My Contributions to Calculus
  29. Famous Mathematicians Today and their Contributions
  30. How I Solved the Hardest Problem in Calculus
  31. My Contributions to Large-Scale Algebra
  32. My Contributions to Extreme-Scale Algebra
  33. My Contributions to Large-Scale Algebra
  34. My Contributions to the Internet
  35. Famous Black Mathematians and Their Contributions
  36. How I Invented a New Supercomputer
  37. How I Invented a New Supercomputer
  38. Grazing Across the Centuries
  39. Biggest Advance Since Newton, Galileo (Part 1)
  40. Biggest Advance Since Newton, Galileo (Part 2)
  41. How I Invented a New Supercomputer
  42. My Contributions to the Modern Supercomputer
  43. What is Philip Emeagwali Famous For?
  44. Philip Emeagwali For Kids
  45. Biggest Advance Since Newton, Galileo (Part 1)
  46. Biggest Advance Since Newton, Galileo (Part 2)


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