Philip Emeagwali
For School Reports

Philip Emeagwali: A Father of the Internet

Philip Emeagwali’s Wife

Philip Emeagwali’s Family

Philip Emeagwali Quotes

Philip Emeagwali Facts

Philip Emeagwali Lecture Notes

TIME: The “Unsung Hero” Behind the Internet

“The Web owes much of its existence to Philip Emeagwali” – TIME magazine

“A father of the Internet” – CNN

“One of the great minds of the Information Age” –
Bill Clinton (The White House)


Voted History’s 35th Greatest African (pdf, html)

Inducted into gallery of history’s 70 greatest black achievers.
Emeagwali celebrates 50 years of awards,

40 years as “A Father of the Internet,” and 25 years on the Internet with a
, ten-thousand-page weekly series.

Ten Most-Celebrated Scientists
on Postage Stamps

Ten Most-Celebrated Fathers of the Computer on Postage Stamps

Ten Most-Celebrated Mathematicians on Postage Stamps

Ten Most-Celebrated
Physicists on Postage Stamps

Ten Most-Celebrated
Black Inventors on Postage Stamps

Ten Most-Celebrated
Scientists on Currencies

Ten Most-Googled Fathers of the Computer

Top 10
Fathers of the Computer

Philip Emeagwali, voted “Father of Supercomputing,”
is ranked #1 in computing.

And ranked FIRST by Google for “contribution to the development of the computer.”

Philip Emeagwali Lecture Series

100 released audio clips from our unreleased speech archive.

Philip Emeagwali in Your School

Aligned with United States Common Core Standards for “Stories About Scientists”

series and 100 video clips. Philip Emeagwali for Kids series (A total of 250 pages coming in 2016)

For Kids:

1. Introduction |
2. Childhood |
3. Primary School |
Timeline |
Photos |

Quotes |
Facts |

For Teachers:
Question Sheets |
Answer Sheets |
Homework |
Philip Emeagwali Week |
Philip Emeagwali’s Box |
Lectures |

Ten Highest IQs in the World

Philip Emeagwali (IQ 190) voted more
intelligent than Albert Einstein (IQ 160).
Also, ten scientists with the highest IQ.

Emeagwali in American
Exam Syllabi

For his invention of a global network of computers, a.k.a. a primordial internet, and from

elementary schools
Law School Admission
Test (LSAT).

Homework Tips: Study and


and 100 video clips.

Celebrities Once Homeless

Emeagwali a “Prominent Refugee,” says The United Nations Refugee Agency.


<To celebrate

Where Did Mathematics Come From?

My Internet is in the Wind

They Call Me “Calculus

My Supercomputer is a Superinternet

Solve the Problem, Not the Formula!

I Am a
Black Mathematician


<To celebrate

A Father of the Internet

A Living Hero Moment

Philip Emeagwali Had an Idea

Poetic Portrait of
Dale Emeagwali

Ikenga For Philip Emeagwali


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